Writing Workshops

Fall 2017

Writing Our Stories: Both fiction and creative non-fiction involve strong story lines, memorable characters and lively dialogue. In these workshops, we will examine short stories, essays, novels and memoirs, and use writing prompts and exercises as launching pads for writing our own stories. If interested in taking a workshop, please send a 3-5 page writing sample and contact Laura for more information.

Writing Our Stories NY: Thursdays, 12:00-2:00 p.m.

Writing Our Stories NJ:  Tuesdays,  12:00.-2:00 p.m.

Laura Zinn Fromm is the consummate writing teacher. I took her first class knowing only that I had a story to tell, and she has turned me into a writer. It’s kind of scary when someone sees possibilities in you and helps you see them too, because then the real work starts.  But Laura gives you the skills to write well and the courage to keep plowing ahead. And good ideas for pseudonyms.

Plus the classes are an oasis from the rest of the world. There, you’re defined by your writing. And you learn in so many ways: doing the reading assignments — an eclectic mix of established greats and the latest sensations; critiquing other students’ class submissions; class discussions; and, of course, writing. The other students are people you actually want to spend time with and who produce work that, sometimes, makes you say, “Wow. I want to write like that.” Classes get very real sometimes — like the time a discussion of a particularly moving submission left everyone in tears. I’ve come back again and again and always learned something new. Whether you’re a novice writer or just want to write better, take Laura’s class. Just don’t take my spot.

— Sharon Silver

Laura Zinn Fromm’s class, Writing Our Stories, is wonderful. Through assigned readings of great writers and Laura’s own expertise on producing beautiful prose, she motivates and inspires all of her students.

— Susan Berger Ellman

Before I took Laura Zinn Fromm’s Writing Our Stories, I had been wanting to write a novel and get published for several years. I was unsuccessful until I took the class. We read short stories or chapters from books to learn about the craft and mechanics of good writing. She gives us writing prompts to get our creativity out on the page.  And most importantly, she gives valuable feedback in a supportive environment. I now have 2/3 of a novel written and have published several essays and short stories.  Laura’s class is like getting your MFA in creative writing.

—Kristen Fealy


Laura Fromm has an incisive literary mind and has guided my writing gently and firmly with her uncanny ability to diagnose problems and encourage successes. My writing has found a secure home in her class.

–Valerie Fiegen

I have taken several courses with both Laura Fromm and Charles Salzberg. Without a doubt, the vital feedback I received from Laura and Charles, as well as from fellow writers, was invaluable to me. The sessions illuminated the nuances of effective prose, and this direct, analytical approach provided a tangible guideline for me to incorporate in my own writing and in my ability to appreciate, in greater depth, the subtleties that impact me as a reader. 

— Paula Siegel


I’m thrilled to share that many of my writing students  have been publishing their work. Congratulations to E.B. Axelrod, Susan Berger Ellman, Ruth Carmel, Kristen Fealy, Roseline Glazer, Laurie Izes, Jeff Lawenda, Voichita Nachescu, Debbie Nathan, Karen Satran and Nora Wong. It has been absolutely wonderful helping these writers get their work written and published!

E. B. Axelrod , Break Fast (Split Lip)

Susan Berger Ellman, The Hunt  (Ducts.org)

Ruth Carmel, My Big Fat Orthodox Thanksgiving (Alimentum); Why I Write About My Family (TalkingWriting.com); Misdirection (Winner of the 2014 Talking Writing Prize for Advice Writing, TalkingWriting.com); Too Much Information (Ducts.org); Writing Actually is Hard Work (Brevity)

Kristen Fealy, Janice Has a Bad Sex LifeI am a Very Bad PersonThings I Say to My Children, And the Heavens Opened  (The East Hampton Star)

Roseline Glazer, The Jewish Bride (Writing Raw)

Laurie Izes, The Store (Ducts.org)

Jeff Lawenda, Pathways

Debbie Nathan,  We’ll Be Here All Night (This American Life, radio piece); Fear Itself in the Rio Grande (Atavist.com)

Voichita Nachescu, The Traveling Tomato (Ducts.org)

Karen Satran, Nights (The Yale Review)

Sharon Silver, When Modesty Becomes Trendy: An Orthodox Woman’s Perspective (Tablet)

Jo Varnish, Chasing Shadows, (ShortFictionBreak.com), Metamorphosis (101Words.org);

Nora Wong, Loving My Son, After His Death (The New York Times)