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I have a new story up onbuy modafinil no prescription. On my 50th birthday, instead of eating birthday cake, I went to the funeral of the father of one of my closest friends from high school. He was a wonderful man, and his loss was sudden. In an effort to make us all feel better, I made Coeur a la Creme and brought it to shiva.

My birthday was coming up. Nifty fifty. The oldest I’ve ever been. The beginning, perhaps, of the end. Or the end of the beginning. Whatever your view, turning 50 is a milestone, and you ignore its implications at your peril. If you’re a woman, it means the arrival of flab you’ve never had before. It means you are surprised when you receive a holiday card with a picture of small children on it and you marvel that people are still doing that. As my neighbor said to me the other day, “We’re the old ladies in the neighborhood now.”


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I have a new story up on buy modafinil south africa about the power and the pleasures of old friends and old-fashioned coffee cake.

It was a dark and rainy night. A Tuesday. The semester was winding down. I only had two more classes left to teach. I had gone into New York that morning to get my hair cut and colored and then rushed uptown to have lunch with my oldest friend. D. and I used to work together. I have no idea how old she is but her son is in his early thirties and I know she had him when she was close to 40. She is tall, beautiful, funny, went to an Ivy League school at a time when many women didn’t necessarily finish college, has gorgeous skin and has had various big writing jobs over the years. She has a couple of famous writer friends and her love life was the subject of a best-selling book that was made into a movie. During her maternity leave, she co-wrote a book proposal and helped a major columnist get a $750,000 advance for a book — a lot now and exponentially more 30-some-odd yearsbuy modafinil los angeles


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