Read It: Writing Students Getting Published

I’m thrilled to share that many of my writing students have been getting their work published. Congratulations to Susan Berger Ellman, Ruth Carmel, Kristen Fealy, Roseline Glazer, Laurie Izes and Debbie Nathan. As an editor and writing instructor, this is extremely exciting and deeply satisfying! It has been a total pleasure working with all these writers.

Susan Berger Ellman

The Hunt

Ruth Carmel

My Big Fat Orthodox Thanksgiving

Why I Write About My Family

Misdirection (Winner of the 2014 Talking Writing Prize for Advice Writing)

Kristen Fealy

I am a Very Bad Person

Things I Say to My Children

Roseline Glazer

The Jewish Bride

Laurie Izes

The Store

Debbie Nathan

We’ll Be Here All Night (radio piece)

New story up on HuffPo50

I have a new story up on HuffPo this morning about new uses for old bananas. Thank you to my friend, Karina Muro, a nutritionist and cooking instructor, for the inspiration and instruction. And happy Mother’s Day, to everyone who is a mother, has a mother and/or nurtures his or her mothering instincts.

Simmer, the app, part III: Flourless, chocolate cake

Here is the last installment of our flourless, chocolate dessert series for Simmer by Panna Cooking. This is either the beginning or the end of my cooking-for-the-camera career. Writing is less fattening. The recipe for this flourless chocolate cake is on the Simmer site and on page 264 of my book, Sweet Survival: Tales of Cooking & Coping, published by Greenpoint Press. Click here to watch.


Simmer, the app, part II: Chocolate Pots de Creme

Here is a link to the second video we did for the Simmer app, by Panna Cooking. This time, we made chocolate pots de creme—pots of cream—or what I think of as poor man’s chocolate mousse. The recipe is from my book, Sweet Survival: Tales of Cooking & Coping, published by Greenpoint Press. Chocolate pot de creme is fast, easy and really, really delicious. I now have eight cups of it sitting in our fridge and freezer. If you want some, let me know. What made me so happy is that we used my Grandma Miriam’s old teacups. I think this would have really made her giggle although she would probably have asked me why I was making so much, why the cups didn’t match and where was my lipstick? At least I combed my hair and washed my apron. Thanks to Amy Dilsheimer Currie of Simmer and Carolyn Hough of Panetica for making it happen.unnamed-1



Simmer, the app, part I: Persian Chocolate Bark

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of recording three cooking videos for the new app Simmer by Panna Cooking. My friend Carolyn Hough of Panetica came over with her friend Amy Currie and they used various iPhones to film me in my clean apron and our kind-of-clean kitchen. We made three chocolate desserts, all gluten-free and kosher for Passover. The recipes are from my book, Sweet Survival: Tales of Cooking & Coping, published by Greenpoint Press. The Simmer app is free —whoo-hoo! Here is a link to the one we did on Persian Chocolate Bark. Stay tuned for more.unnamedapp-ad


Love, Sustained: Meeting Ann Patchett

IMG_1682 IMG_1681 IMG_1677 IMG_1680I have a new story up on HuffPo50 on the thrill of meeting Ann Patchett when I did a reading at her store, Parnassus Books, in Nashville. It was an out-of-body experience. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen, including and especially Ann Patchett!

“Township Resident Pens Memoir and Recipe Book”

Thanks to Cecilia Levine at The Item for running this story.

There are moments when the narrative of author Laura Zinn Fromm’s childhood appears to come directly from a fairytale.

Fromm would sit at her family’s dining room table, her feet hovering over the Persian rug, as she sunk her teeth into racks of lamb and homemade chocolate chip cookies.She has memories spent huddled over flour-dusted counter tops with her mother, Ruthi Zinn Byrne – mixing, folding, kneading and whisking.

Though a young girl cooking with her mother made for an idyllic snapshot, the real picture differed greatly.. Continue reading

“It was Either Laugh or Die…”

Thanks to Suzanne Zimmer Lowery for running this story in her online column “From Soup to Nuts” in New Jersey Monthly.

Laura Zinn Fromm is an award-winning journalist whose new book, Sweet Survival: Tales of Cooking & Coping, shows how food can be a lifeline amidst craziness. The Short Hills resident is about to make two New Jersey appearances.

On January 13th, Fromm will appear at the Whole Earth Center in Princeton. On January 14, she will appear at the Kings Cooking Studio in Short Hills. On both dates, she will talk about Sweet Survival, her memoir and cookbook.

In her book, she may mince meat but she doesn’t mince words about the heady accomplishments and heavy baggage she is heir to…

Continue reading