May 2017 issue of Millburn Short Hills Magazine is out

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The May issue of Millburn Short Hills Magazine is out. Thanks to everyone who contributed to it: our fabulous writers Jo VarnishRandi Mazzella, Debbie Schapiro and Cindy Clegg Potters, our awesome photographer Anne-Marie Caruso and our fantastic designer Michael Ostendorp. In this issue, you will find stories about Greenwood Gardens, gain insights into the friendships that have developed out of the local women’s softball league, and learn tips about how to get your game on in middle age (eat well and don’t go crazy playing team sports). We also feature a beautifully renovated Hartshorn house, go for a tasting at the the newly opened, gorgeous and delicious restaurant Summit House and take a look back at the nursery that used to do big business in Millburn ShortHills a century ago. We interview two-time breast cancer survivor and personal trainer Anne Santaniello Nappi  profile gardening doyenne and longtime Millburn resident Lezette Proud and talk to three talented Millburn High School athletes. And don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming—we have suggestions for what to buy and give the maternal women in your life. This issue is my swan song and I’ve loved every minute of ediiting it. Thanks to everyone who has read the magazine and contributed to it this past year. It has been wonderful working with and getting to know all of you!

Spring 2017 Issue: Readers’ Choice

The Spring 2017 Readers’ Choice issue of Millburn Short Hills Magazine is out and it’s a juicy one! It’s packed with information on where to eat, drink, shop, stroll, work out, get your air and nails done, listen to live music, read, walk your dog, zone out and find free Wi-Fi. We also have great profiles of Tony-award winning Broadway actor and Netflix star Norbert Leo Butz and Investors Bank CEO Kevin Cummings, plus a look at the inside of Haya Taitel and Steve Becker’s gorgeous almost-empty nest, and a funny, practical story about how to clean out your house for spring. We also have a dining out profile on Restaurant Serenade, celebrating 20 years in Chatham. Thanks, as always, to our writers—Jo Varnish, Randi Mazzella, Nancy Cohen and Cindy Potters—for their wit and humor and making the magazine read so well. 

Winter 2016 issue: Food, Fashion & Holiday Entertaining

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The Winter 2016 issue of Millburn Short Hills Magazine is out and we’re particularly proud of this one. Thanks to our gifted writers Liz Brous Guevara, Joanne Fisher, Deborah Schapiro and Jo Varnish for making the issue read so well and to stylist Felicia Geller, who did our fashion spread and made everyone look so good. In this issue, we feature stories on the spectacular Millburn restaurant Common Lot, where the chef/owner Ehren Ryan shared his recipes with us (after adapting them for the home cook) and let us shoot our fashion story in the restaurant on an sultry August afternoon. We also have a wonderful and funny story about dogs and friendship, an interview with local novelist Judith Natelli McLaughlin, a terrific story about the non-profit Interfaith Hospitality Network, which finds temporary and permanent housing for homeless families, and a Dining Out profile of the tiny-but-awesome Madison restaurant, Slamwich Scratch Kitchen. Enjoy!

Fall 2016 issue: Debut as Editor of Millburn Short Hills Magazine

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The Fall2016 issue of  Millburn Short Hills Magazine is out. It’s my debut issue as editor and it was a blast and a treat to pull this together. Check out our stories on Diwali, gun control and gardening (same story!) and the surge in blow-dry salons. We also have an interview with local architect Thomas Baio, a spread of the spectacular renovation and decoration of an old-but-feels-new home, and a dining out profile of Cedar Ridge Cafe & Bakery, published shortly after co-owner Joe Ramaikas unexpectedly passed away.


Thank you, Sally Friedman and Dr. So-and-So

It’s always a little nerve-wracking when someone takes your measure, and you know that person well. While I was writing my book, Sweet Survival: Tales of Cooking & Coping, published by Greenpoint Press, I wrote with two people in mind: My therapist (who shall remain nameless) and my sister-in-law Nancy Friedman’s mother (whose name is Sally Friedman). Sally is a journalist and personal-essay columnist who writes for a range of publications, including the NY Times. Her work has always made me want to grab a computer or a pen and start writing my own. Neither of these women knew that they were my imaginary, first, “go to” readers. But they were always the ideal readers I held in my mind—thoughtful, intelligent women who read a lot, laughed a lot and knew how to cope. When I wrote, I thought about making them nod or laugh. I hoped that some day they would read my work, and maybe, hopefully, like it. Sally recently wrote a piece about my book in The Burlington County Times. Thank you, Sally, for being both my imaginary reader and now, a real one! And thank you Dr. So-and-So, for telling me to write and cook and write some more. Words can describe how I feel about both of you: Love! Gratitude! More!

Cooking up the courage to experiment in the kitchen

Posted: Sunday, February 7, 2016 5:30 am

When our youngest daughter, Nancy, married her beloved Michael — can it really be 22 years ago? — we got a wonderful gift. We merged with a terrific family that included a prominent former governor, his high-powered/high-energy wife, and Michael’s sister, Laura.
I loved Laura from the moment I met her. There was something at once wonderful and vulnerable about her. She had gone to a famous women’s college, had been on the staff of a national magazine, and had this added bonus: Laura was —and is — a gourmet cook.

New Story up on HuffPo50 on Betty Halbreich and my love affair with Bergdorf Goodman

I have a new story up on HuffPo50 about having drinks with my friend Suzanne Turner and Betty Halbreich, author of I’ll Drink to That: A Life in Style, with a Twist. Betty and Suzanne are both personal shoppers at Bergdorf Goodman and wise, beautiful women. We discussed food, books, writing, cooking, the news and staying sane. I tried to get Betty to discuss fashion but she had other things on her mind. If you haven’t read her book, download a sample or just go ahead and buy it. She wrote it with Rebecca Paley and it is wonderful. I’m reading it for the second time.Unknown


Thank you to Bloomingdale’s and Connie Dwyer Center

Huge thanks to Sajal Hamilton and Bloomingdale’s Short Hills for inviting me to read from my book, Sweet Survival: Tales of Cooking & Coping, today at a luncheon to support the Connie Dwyer Breast Center. Bloomingdales gave 10% of sales made during the event to Connie Dwyer, which provides breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment. One of my good friends, who was an early reader of Sweet Survival and without whom I would have never written the book, has beaten breast cancer three times. It was a privilege to be at Bloomies today.

Meet the Author, on Comcast and Verizon

Huge thanks to Paula Mooney, Amanda Olsen and Jonathan Aronoff at Hometowne TV for the “Meet the Author” segment they did on my book, Sweet Survival: Tales of Cooking & Coping, published by Greenpoint Press. That’s our dog Roxy barking in the background, waiting for food to fall. Hometowne TV is on Comcast channel 36 and Verizon channel 33. The recipes are all in the book. We had a lot of fun filming and then eating the props.