Helping Writers Get Published

I’m thrilled to share that many of the writers I work with have been publishing their work. Congratulations to E.B. Axelrod, Susan Berger Ellman, Ruth Carmel, Kristen Fealy, Roseline Glazer, Laurie Izes, Jeff Lawenda, Voichita Nachescu, Debbie Nathan, Karen Satran, Jo Varnish and Nora Wong. It has been absolutely wonderful helping these writers get their work written, finished and published!

E. B. Axelrod , Break Fast (Split Lip)

Susan Berger Ellman, The Hunt (

Ruth Carmel, My Big Fat Orthodox Thanksgiving (Alimentum); Why I Write About My Family (; Misdirection (Winner of the 2014 Talking Writing Prize for Advice Writing,; Too Much Information (; Writing Actually is Hard Work (Brevity)

Kristen Fealy, Janice Has a Bad Sex Life; I am a Very Bad Person; Things I Say to My Children, And the Heavens Opened (The East Hampton Star)

Roseline Glazer, The Jewish Bride (Writing Raw)

Laurie Izes, The Store (

Jeff Lawenda, Pathways

Debbie Nathan, We’ll Be Here All Night (This American Life, radio piece); Fear Itself in the Rio Grande (

Voichita Nachescu, The Traveling Tomato (

Karen Satran, Nights (The Yale Review)

Jo Varnish, Chasing Shadows, (, Metamorphosis (;

Nora Wong, Loving My Son, After His Death (The New York Times)